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F1 2009 Potentially Delayed Until 2010
Game News | F1 2009 | By Paul on 24 March 2009 17:12

Rumours are floating around that Codemasters Formula One 2009 (F1 The Game) may be delayed until 2010. According to the Official UK Playstation Magazine, development on the console versions of the game is taking much longer than originally expected and as such the release date may be pushed back until 2010. No word on the PC version, which could have a 2009 release along with the PSP version.

A lot of this will depend on how the game is being developed. If it is intended that the PC version will be a console port then you would expect the PC version of the game to be delayed accordingly. The good news out of this is that it seems Codemasters are taking their time and putting lots of effort into the title, instead of plastering F1 cars onto one of their previous games!

Don't forget to visit our Codemasters Formula One 2009 (F1 The Game) game profile for more on the game, or to post your comments on our forums.


HiJust wanted to say thknas for running this series, it's been a great help to me and just fun to go through as well. Also, any plans on doing one for Driver: San Francisco? CheersRiaan – Zed 29-Oct-2015
Defcon 1 I have tested 900 degeers of rotation on my g27 but the problem is that the minimum deadzone is 5% and that makes the steering wheel dropp to much steering movement making the game hard to play so i have to go back to 200 degeers of movement. I hope that codemaster will fix this 900 deegres problem. – Rasta 27-Oct-2015
DrosophilaGenus Hello,Thanks for following my suoisetggn and producing an F1 2011 article. I was indeed curious about your recommended Force Feedback settings for this game; my previous set up on this one was giving me some weird locking behavior on the wheel, and I couldn't figure out why. Somehow the new settings cleared that up. Thanks again!Regards,DrosophilaGenus – Julius 26-Oct-2015
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