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FUEL Interview
Game News | FUEL | By Paul on 1 March 2009 20:49

RockPaperShotgun.com have posted an interview about FUEL with Executive Producer David Brickley.

RPS: Can you explain what a typical hour of play might be like? What sort of challenges does a player face?

Brickley: Ultimately we want players to take it at their own pace. We love the idea of console owners getting a taste of that MMO experience where you can just dick around if things get too tough or you fancy a break from the main career, so the design had to allow you to have many options at any given time.

So for example you can follow the career path which takes you around a whistle stop tour of the world (relatively speaking anyway, there are upwards of 70 races) to get an idea of the diversity of geography, weather, races and vehicles.

But as you drive around youíre also informed via your on board computer that there are exploration challenges available which means you figuring out first how to get there and then gaining a reward once you do. All the time youíre seeing more of the world but always with a purpose, set by us. Or you can just hang out by a lake and watch the sun go down.

The free roaming is so important to making it appealing to people who might get put off a driving game normally by the difficulty curve, or an online game of any sort once the other players inevitably get better than them. Personally I think itís great to just be able to be in the world when itís a nice world to be in.
You can read the full interview here, and don't forget to check out our FUEL game profile, or to post your comments on our forums.


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