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Colin McRae: DIRT 2 Interview
Game News | Colin McRae: DIRT 2 | By Paul on 1 March 2009 20:35

Computer And Video Games have posted an interview about Colin McRae: DIRT 2 with EP Gavin Raeburn:

Since the move to off-road racing and, what us Brits would say, the Americanisation of the last game, can we expect a stronger focus on rallying that made the games famous in the first place?

Raeburn: Colin McRae was a pioneer in rally/off-roading, competing in the X-Games, Dakar rally and Race of Champions following his WRC career. DiRT 2 has his spirit of adventure coursing through its veins and, like him; we're embracing fresh challenges and opportunities.

We believe that DiRT 2 encompasses all the very best that contemporary off-roading has to offer, with but that doesn't mean that we've forgotten our heritage. We've still got a good spread of 'traditional' rallying in the game, which we believe captures the sport at its most thrilling - dizzyingly fast, dangerous and very dirty. Man and machine in perfect harmony, pushing it to the absolute limit. We think you'll like it.
You can read the full interview here. Don't forget to also check out our Colin McRae: DIRT 2 game profile, or to post your comments on our forums.


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