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Driving A Fast Lap at Le Mans - SimHQ Article
Community News | rFactor | By Paul on 27 December 2008 01:35

Our friends over at SimHQ have let us know that Ian "Chunx" Anderson has posted a new article, "Driving rFactor: A Fast Lap at Le Mans with Virtua_LM’s “Le Mans ’79”, which now also includes video and voice-over narration.

Tertre Rouge: Racing coaches will tell you that the most important corners to get right are the ones that spill out onto a long straight. Maximizing corner exit speed translates directly into a higher overall speed on the subsequent straight. It is for that reason that Tertre Rouge is the most important corner to get right at Le Mans, for it spills out onto the longest straight in all of racing. You’ll be in 3rd gear as you approach the braking point for the corner. It’s a wide-radius turn (for Le Mans), so you’ll be using 2nd or 3rd gear to negotiate it. But the key here is to not over-cook the throttle as you slide through the apex. The track loses grip near the exit, and if you have to back off the throttle you’ll spoil your average speed down the long straight. So pay attention to the tires and the chassis’ slip angle as you apex in order to maximize your exit speed.
Make sure you check out this in-depth article here.


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