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2009 FIA GT Championship GTR Evolution League - Registration Open
Community News | GTR Evolution | By Paul on 26 December 2008 23:55

The guys over at OnlineRacingWorld.com have let us know that they have now opened registration for their 2009 FIA GT Championship GTR Evolution League, which will start on February 15th. Details are below:

The Cars:


* Aston Martin DBR9
* Corvette C6R
* Ferrari 550 Maranello
* Lamborghini Murcielago
* Maserati MC12
* Saleen S7R


* Ferrari F430 GT2
* Porsche 997 GT3 RSR

The Calendar:
Round 01: TBA [15 February]
Round 02: Silverstone [01 March]
Round 03: Adria [15 March]
Round 04: Oschersleben [29 Marchl]
Round 05: Spa-Francorchamps [12 April]
Round 06: Bucharest ***[26 April]
Round 07: Algarve *** [10 May]
Round 08: Zolder [31 May]
Round 09: San Luis *** [07 June]

*** Subject to change.

Points System:

* GT1 10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1
* GT2 10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1

To classify, every car must complete at least 70% of the distance covered by the winning car

This championship will be limited to 12 teams in each class (2 drivers per team) with some basic rules:

GT1 12 Teams Maximum
GT2 12 Teams Maximum

We will accept a "Junior Team" of a "Main Team" but it must be registered in another class (Ex: "Main Team" races for class GT1 and "Junior Team" races for class GT2)

Format GT2:
Practise: 10min [starts at 2:30pm GMT]
Qualify: 15min [starts at 2:40pm GMT]
Warmup: 5min [starts at 2:55pm GMT]
Race: 2hours Race [starts at 3pm GMT]

Format GT1:
Practise: 10min [starts at 5:30pm GMT]
Qualify: 15min [starts at 5:40pm GMT]
Warmup: 5min [starts at 5:55pm GMT]
Race: 2hours Race [starts at 6pm GMT]

How do the handicap weights work?
Cars which finish in the top three in either the GT1 or GT2 classes are awarded penalty weight.  In GT1, they get 40kg for a first-place finish, 30 kg for second and 20 kg for third.  In GT2, these weights are halved, so they get 20 kg, 15 kg and 10 kg respectively.  Cars which finish from 4th and under progressively lose any penalty weight they might have accumulated. A 4th place finish loses 20 kg in GT1, with a loss of 30 kg in fifth place, and 40 kg are removed for sixth place onwards. The maximum weight that can be carried is 100 kg in GT1, or 50 kg in GT2. If a car carrying the maximum wins a race, they are given a 'supermaximum' of 150 kg in GT1 or 75 kg in GT2. Penalty weight is also awarded for cars which may miss a race, or for race-by race entries.

Driving Aids:
Steering help : Disallowed
Opposite lock : Disallowed
Braking help : Disallowed
Stability control : Disallowed
Spin recovery : Disallowed
Invulnerability : Disallowed
Auto shifting : Disallowed
Traction control : Disallowed
Anti-lock braking : Disallowed
Auto Pit Stop : Disallowed
Auto Clutch : Allowed

Entry Fee: 5 per driver

Registrations are open. Visit: http://www.onlineracingworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=89.0.


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