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ACT LABS clutch information at HG
Hardware News | By Paul on 8 May 2001 20:20

Kenneth Verburg from High Gear sent me news today that he has posted an article and a movie about a clutch ACT-LABS are about to release for their racing controller.

Here's what he had to say:

"Initially, we could only listen to the rumors, but eventually came the announcement, ACT LABS was going to produce a clutch pedal for their successful sim racing controller, the ACT LABS RS Series! But substance did not follow form, and silence followed the official announcement. We now know, ACT LABS was getting things lined up for the upcoming E3 Expo (Los Angeles, May 17-19) and are now ready to provide all the details in this "High Gear" world-exclusive interview with Brandon Crick of ACT LABS, interviewed by High Gear Editors Ken Verburg and Tom Pabst."

You can get to the full article by clicking here.


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