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GTR Evolution Patch on Steam Now
Game News | GTR Evolution | By Paul on 22 October 2008 17:59

GTR Evolution has now been patched to version, and if you are a steam user the game will be updated the next time you logon. An offline version of the patch will be released in the future, however there is no word yet on when.

* New dedicated server weight penalty functionality
* New message board in main menu
* Updated pit menu functionality
* Updated tire wear display in pit menu
* Fixed Super pole settings on LAN host
* Various localisation issues fixed
* Fixed missing loading animation
* Fixed flag info in hud rendered wrongly
* Fixed rendering issues when ghost car(s) on track
* Fixed engine not repaired message in result screen between race 1 and 2
* Updated track length display in track browser, it now reflects metric / imperial system
* Touring car performance tweaks, slightly stronger FWD cars overall and all touring cars are close to each other performance wise
* Engine fire locations fixes in Extreme cars and various GT cars
* Rear wing aero tweaks for GT cars. Rear wing more effective now and old low rear wing setups might be useless
* Extreme cars fuel estimate fix. Helps AI also with their fuel strategy
* Improved aero for DBR9, about equally fast to C6R now in straights
* Aero tweak for Viper GTSR, less understeery now
* Fixed STCC 6 speed BMW tire heating bug
* 140kg weight reduction to WTCC Extreme cars
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