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New FSOne Helmet Renders
Screenshots | FSOne 2008 F1 Modification | By Paul on 19 October 2008 19:32

Today we have added some more helmet renders for the FSOne 2008 F1 Modification, this time Piquet and Button. You can check these out here.


HI RIP! Long time no see Your website looks great now, and i also like this blog, beacuse now I can talk to you more often and ask questions without being in the old shoutbox. Keep the good work you have done and hopefully show us more work soon we found ourselves here or on evermotion. Bye! – Akchay 26-Aug-2013
360 looking beettr???!!! are you smoking some crack??!!! that's all you have to say? this game is going to look awesome regardless of the version: PC,360 or PS3.By the way things are turning in the industry now a days, I'm seriously considering to get it on the PS3. developers are catching up with the system and they are taking advantage of its technical capacities. I'm not saying that the 360 is uncapable to produce an gorgeous looking game but let's face it, it is technically Maxed out & lately it's been outperformed.Also this goes to my PS3 buddies, why are you trying to compare it with Uncharted???? what's wrong with you??!!!the Uncharted series has produce some of the best looking games of this generation but this genre started with Tomb Raider. why we have to downplay this great franchise and use it to talk smack?? are we smoking crack too????leave Lara alone!!! I like the way things are going for her!!!Hail to Lara Croft, Baby!!!!VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes) – Pinar 13-Aug-2013
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