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FUEL Interview @ VideoGamer.com
Game News | FUEL | By Paul on 25 September 2008 17:28

Videogamer.com have posted an interview with executive producer David Brickley about FUEL, due out in 2009.

VideoGamer.com: When I looked at the map the first thing I thought of was an MMO racer.

DB: It was one of the original ideas. We kicked around an awful lot of ideas. With the console audience the thing about MMO is, and obviously at Codemasters we're running a few of our own, we've got a lot of experience of just how much it costs to support the infrastructure, the community support and all the rest of it is very intensive, and if you can charge a subscription for that you can do it. If you've got your Xbox and you're already paying for Xbox LIVE, we can't ask somebody to pay over and above that. We can't bank roll, much as we'd love to have a persistent online world, which already exists, there is actually a development server in Paris running that, that was what Asobo spent many years making, but to have data centres in America and here, and 24/7 support - huge amount of money. It's not something we could sustain without having a subscription. The console audience just wouldn't have it.
You can read the full interview here.

Don't forget to also visit our FUEL game profile.


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