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F1 Racing Championship Review at RacingFaction
Game News | By Paul on 9 April 2001 20:15

Another piece of F1RC news :-) !!

Well, Richard Towler from the RGONetwork e-mailed me to say that RacingFaction has posted their F1RC review, giving it a score of 8/10.

Here's a little snippet:

"My only real gripe with UbiSoft's game is the AI. There doesn't seem to be any intelligence to the CPU car behavior at all. Huge F12000-style pileups occur at most starts and at times you find yourself stationary behind a traffic jam of cars passing through a chicane on the first lap of a race. Cars emerge from the pit lane without a care in the world, displaying the sort of behavior that warrants a black flag. Okay you may say the recent behavior of Jos Verstappen and the increasingly thoughtless Rubens Barrichello during the Brazilian GP show this kind of behavior really occurs. Granted, but I don't like to have to move off the racing line when approaching a corner to avoid the car behind trying to use the Verstappen braking method (using my engine as a crash barrier). Raising the difficulty level of the opposition means that the CPU cars will be going faster when they hit you. With this in mind I'm dropping the overall score of the game down one point, a point which will be added back on if the forthcoming patch fixes the AI sufficiently.

You can get to the full article by clicking here.


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