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Ubisoft, How Pathetic (Read On...)
Community News | By Paul on 20 April 2001 19:10

Ubisoft just don't get it. When will they realise add-ons and downloads for F1RC make the game life longer and better?

Well, here is what Formulasim (F1RC downloads site) got today from Ubisoft:

"Dear Sirs,

We have found out that a counterfeited version of our copyrighted game, "F1 Racing Championship", is available for download on the following website: http://formulasim.gameloft.com/

We draw your attention to the fact that the game "F1 Racing Championship" is protected by the copyright laws and other intellectual property treaties and regulations.

Since it is illegal and strictly forbidden to offer counterfeited versions of a video game, this site is causing a serious damage to our company by infringing our intellectual property rights.

We are committed to enforcing and protecting our rights and to taking the legal actions necessary to achieve those goals. As the developer and provider of the patches, you would be held liable for this infringement. Therefore, we enjoin you to remove the above links with regards to the F1PC Patches within the 24 hours after reception of this e-mail and to confirm to us within two business days that you have done so.

Best Regards.

Legal Affairs Department

Ubi Soft Entertainment."

And after FormulaSim told Ubisoft that this wasn't true, the next e-mail came through:


Even if Formulasim has never posted counterfeited version of the game F1RC itself, Formulasim is nevertheless reproducing and offering to the public elements of Ubi Soft's F1RC game.

You are aware that all reproductions and publications unapproved by their author are prohibited by copyright laws and other intellectual property regulations and laws.

Ubi Soft has not approved and will not approve Formulasim's reproductions and publications of the F1RC game for the following reasons :

1) The agreement we have with the licensor of the Formula One rights contains certain provisions which do not permit Ubi Soft to promote or otherwise display the game on the Internet;

2) By proposing patches for the 2001 F1 season to the public, you are bypassing Ubi Soft on any future exploitation of its 2000 F1 Season rights for which Ubi Soft has the license.

Therefore, we maintain our request that you remove the links with regards to the F1PC Patches promptly after reception of this e-mail and to confirm to us within 24 hours that you have done so.

Best regards"

Ubisoft have quite clearly never heard of what patches and modifications can do to a game. Just look at Counter-Strike with Half Life!! And Grand Prix 2 / 3. Ubisoft are in one word, pathetic.

Post any comments on this in our forums.


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