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FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Preview @ IGN
Reviews/Previews | FlatOut Ultimate Carnage | By Paul on 5 April 2007 20:47

IGN have posted a preview of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage:

Right from the off it is clear that Ultimate Carnage is shaping up to be more of a war on wheels than just another shunting racer. Take our first race: after powering away from the starting line, around a track consisting of a concrete maze of passageways, we instantly became embroiled in an unrelenting battle for first place, with our souped-up motor and 11 AI opponents (a marked increase on FlatOut 2's seven) all jostling for an early advantage. And while Laakkonen was quick to point out that the handling was still being tweaked, the cars already felt as though Bugbear is well on course to striking that ever-elusive balance between realism and pure, unadulterated entertainment.
You can read the full preview here and don't forget to view our game profile.


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