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Are YOU A Dangerous Driver?
Other | By Paul on 5 March 2007 22:46

Just thought i'd post a link to a recent study by the BSM Driving School in the UK, suggesting that if you play driving games on the PC you may indeed be a more dangerous driver.

Over one third (34%) of young male and female drivers confess they are more likely to drive faster on roads shortly after indulging in on-screen driving action and a quarter (27%) of young drivers admit they take greater driving risks after a gaming session.

The study, by the UK's largest driving school, BSM, shows nearly a quarter (22%) of young drivers even claim they have imagined they're in a driving simulation game while driving on the UK's roads.
For the real laughs though you need to scroll down to the BSM's tips on how to stay safe! Apparantly "being a great driver in real life doesn't automatically make you a gaming champion - so don't behave like you're King of the Road, just because you've achieved a record score in a game." (!!)

You may also notice that three days after posting these findings the RAC (BSM's parent company) announce sponsorship of the Porsche Carrera Cup! Pot, kettle, black spring to mind!

Anyway, you can check out the article here. Don't forget to post your comments on our forums.


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