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RACE: The WTCC Game Review @ SimHQ
Reviews/Previews | RACE: The WTCC Game | By Paul on 1 February 2007 23:10

SimHQ have posted a review of RACE: The WTCC Game:

Mainstream is not necessarily a bad thing as mainstream products are usually better selling than niche products. The inherent property in a mainstream offering however is that there's usually no avant-garde stuff and very little in terms of innovation. To owners of GTR, GTR2, GTL, rFactor etc. etc. the incentive to buy is most likely determined by the buyer's interest in Touring Cars and the World Touring Car Championship, or by a desire to drive the Macau street circuit. If your interest is small or nil, I have trouble in advocating spending $45 in lieu of SimBin's earlier offerings starting to hit the bargain-bin boxes or being bundled with their latest offerings, as GTL was bundled on the GTR2 DVD edition. With WTCC being virtually the fourth sim utilizing the same basic engine, it offers 3 or 4 new circuits in addition to the rest of the tracks already seen in earlier titles.
You can read the full review here and don't forget to view our game profile.


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