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SimHQ Feature on Grand Prix Classics 1979 Mod
Game News | Grand Prix Classics 1979 Mod | By Paul on 28 December 2006 11:04

Our friends over at SimHQ have taken a look at the new Grand Prix 1979 Mod mod for rFactor.

As the happy owner of Logitech's G25 (yes, Santa came by a couple of days ago), I was happy to find that the mod team has included an option to “upgrade” the cars to use the H-shift gearbox. Oh the gorgeous gurgling spluttering sounds of the engine, as I brake for a corner and shift down.

I found another upgrade option that lets me choose the car in the correct configuration for the chosen track: Go to Monaco, then select the Monaco spec. car. Go to Long Beach (US GP West) and there's a a car set up for that track.
Whilst not intended as a review, it is a good read. You can visit the article right here.

Don't forget to check out our Grand Prix 1979 Mod game profile for more information and screenshots.


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