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SimHQ Review Logitech G25 Wheel
Hardware News | By Paul on 4 December 2006 23:34

Our friends over at SimHQ have reviewed the latest Logitech G25 racing wheel in a marathon 4 part series!

As stated above, GTR2 and the G25 seem to be made for each other. I am surprised that SimBin and Logitech didn't strike a deal to bundle GTR2 software with the G25, because the relationship these two products have is really something worth experiencing. The FFB cues from GTR2 are presented with a surprising depth and clarity by the G25's dual FFB motors. Lifting and blipping the throttle in concert with gear changes on the H-pattern shifter feel more like a purpose-built racing simulator than a game made to entertain the masses. The visual cues on the screen, the audio cues from the speakers and the force feedback cues from the wheel are perfectly tuned, which is probably the intangible that seems to make this experience rise above all the other wheel/simulation combinations I tried. Quite frankly, driving GTR2 with the G25 is a blast!
See below for links to all the parts:

- Part One
- Part Two
- Part Three
- Part Four

Don't forget you can purchase this fantastic wheel through SimRacingWorld on Amazon.com by using the link on the right hand side of the page. Sales through us help keep SRW alive!


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