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GTR: FIA GT Racing Game 2 Review @ SimHQ
Reviews/Previews | GTR: FIA GT Racing Game 2 | By Paul on 4 November 2006 16:07

SimHQ have posted a review of GTR: FIA GT Racing Game 2:

We still like rFactor, and GTL, and GPL, and RBR, and netKar and LFS and all the others. Now we have GTR2 to add to the list. We like the diversity, and we like the selection we have when we want to drive a racing sim. These titles all have strong points and weaknesses. GTR2 is a worthy successor to GTR and GTL, an improvement in so many areas, and many problems from the original GTR have been satisfactorily solved. GTR2 is a massive step-up over GTR in terms of graphics and driving physics. These driving physics are realistic, fun, engaging and immersive. Above all they are drivable. I can hot lap in GTR2 for pleasure. I never could in GTR (okay, so I'm a mediocre driver).
You can read the full review here and don't forget to view our game profile.


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