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GTR: FIA GT Racing Game 2 Preview @ GameSpot UK
Reviews/Previews | GTR: FIA GT Racing Game 2 | By Paul on 18 September 2006 16:24

GameSpot UK have posted a preview of GTR: FIA GT Racing Game 2:

GTR 2's physics have been extended from the original game to include a more refined realistic-damage model. Jam your car into a wall and you'll watch as the hood pops off and the front end of the car crunches inward. Bash into a fellow driver and a wheel might go spinning off the track. If you happen to wreck hard enough, you run the risk of the engine exploding. The team has also put a lot of work into the tire physics found in the game, resulting in a driving model that feels more realistic not just at high speeds but at low speeds as well. The difference between a lap run on cold tires and one on fully warmed up and grippy rubber is more tangible than ever before in GTR 2. In addition, as rubber marbles build up on the track on the "dirty" racing line, players will feel the cars react to the junk on the track should they get offline a bit.
You can read the full preview here and don't forget to view our game profile.


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