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GTR: FIA GT Racing Game 2 Review @ PC Format
Reviews/Previews | GTR: FIA GT Racing Game 2 | By Paul on 20 August 2006 07:27

PC Format have posted a review of GTR: FIA GT Racing Game 2 giving it 91%:

But then why do we play games? Is it the journey or the destination? Sure, if you fired up the championship straight away hoping to 'complete' GTR, you'll have been served your derrière on a platter constructed entirely from shattered bodywork and broken bones. If you started with the driving aids switched on, however, and worked your way up to speed, the game could be enormously satisfying. But the big question is can we wholeheartedly recommend a game that requires so much work? It's a difficult one to quantify, but GTR received a solid 82% in PCF172.
You can read the full review here and don't forget to view our game profile.


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