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First version of Chequered Flag coming soon
Community News | Microprose F1GP | By Barrie on 12 August 2006 18:42

Despite the lack of any recent news on the Chequered Flag project (a new editor in development for F1GP), rest assured that progress is still being made. In fact, we are nearing the end of the current development stretch and will release version 0.10 of the program in the near future. Although this promise has been made in the past, there are only two main things now left to implement before the editor can be released. Klaus believes he will have his code completed by mid-September and I will be finished with mine long before then.

The first release will support the editing of tracks, in a similiar way to TrackEd, but with a better and more usable interface. After this segment has been completed, the development of a game editor itself will begin to take shape. The implementation of a new online competition management system will also be included in the program and track editing improvements will be made. We will also consider any other suggestions made by the community for inclusion into the editor.

To keep up with the latest Chequered Flag news and be involved in the project, feel free to visit the website located here and use any of the interactive project facilities available. Over the next week or so, I will implement one of the two features and then release some screenshots of the editor for you to view. After Klaus has implemented the last feature, the editor will be ready for the first release.


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