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Need for Speed: Carbon Q&A at Shacknews
Game News | Need for Speed: Carbon | By Paul on 28 July 2006 22:25

Shacknews.net have posted a Q&A with Scott Nielson from EA Black Box about their latest title, Need for Speed: Carbon.

Shack: Lots of questions about the AI teammates! First, what types (as in, do they have a name/title?) assist in the street, and HOW do they assist? Second, what types assist in the garage, and how do they assist? And of course, thirdly, what types assist behind the scenes, and how do they help the player?

Scott Nielson: The crewmembers that you bring into your crew will benefit the player both in and, more importantly, out of the race. You will have a limited number of spots available in your crew and lots of people to choose from. Each crewmember is unique and will offer different advantages to the player if they choose to bring that person into their crew. They can help you in a race if you choose to bring them in and activate them and they will also play a major role outside of a race with regards to visual and performance customization as well as having influence over the way that you interact with the cops.
You can read the full Q&A right here.

Don't forget to check out our Need for Speed: Carbon game profile for screenshots and a movie for this title, or to post your comments on our forums.


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