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Driving rFactor @ SimHQ - Part 2
Game News | rFactor | By Paul on 26 February 2006 22:18

SimHQ have posted the second part in their "Driving rFactor" series - this time concentrating on a lap around Essington Park.

Although Turn 1 right is depicted on the track map as a 180 right hander with constant radius, in reality the turn tightens up on the exit. You can bleed off speed by braking hard initially and then ease off the brakes as you start the turn-in (which is later than you think). The darker lines in the track are a good indication of when you should start the turn-in. Mid-turn you'll be going into 4th gear and can actually stabilize the car with a short stab at the throttle, before braking lightly as you enter the second, tighter part of the turn. Select 3rd gear to accelerate gently onto the short straight before T2L.
Another great article if you want to improve your rFactor lap times. You can check the full article out right here.

Also, don't forget to visit our rFactor game profile where you'll find files, information, screenshots and more for this game. Plus, post your comments on our forums.


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