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Chequered Flag progress
Community News | Microprose F1GP | By Barrie on 14 September 2005 22:06

It's been a few weeks since any progress reports regarding the F1GP/WC editor Chequrered Flag have been released. So I thought I'd update you all on the situation :)

I've been busy for the last few weeks for various reasons and haven't had much time to commit to the project. But Klaus has done some excellent work on the track map, so things are moving along quite nicely. We now have a good viewing capability for F1GP/WC tracks and the editing capability will not be too difficult to implement. In a week or two, I should additionally be able to pick up my role in the project again. So things are looking up.

Klaus and I recently discussed releasing an initial version of the editor as a track viewing tool without the capability to change anything in order to demostrate the development progress. But we eventually decided that this wasn't worth doing as the resulting release would not of been much use to current F1GP/WC fans. Therefore, we have decided to go along with the original idea of releasing the first version of the editor when it becomes functional as a track editor. We hope to reach this stage in less than three months.

For now though, Klaus and I have decided we'll release a set of screenshots to show you all how the editor looks. I'll post some more news when I add them to the Chequered Flag website. Expect to see this in a week or two :)


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