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Live for Speed S2 Preview @ SimHQ
Reviews/Previews | Live for Speed S2 | By Paul on 14 August 2005 14:17

SimHQ have posted a preview of Live for Speed S2:

By providing the purest of approaches for drivers who have experience from other simulators and thus do not need to go through unlocking cars and tracks, as well as a separate driving tests module, either for new drivers, or for drivers who wish to do these tests, Live for Speed hits the Bullseye and scores 11 out of 10 for showing every developer how it should be done. By doing it this way, you, yes you decide how you wish to enjoy your purchase. No more forced paths through silly 3 lap races to place better than this or that car, or this or that position.
You can read the full preview here and don't forget to view our game profile.


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