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F1GP 2004 available
Downloads | Microprose F1GP | By Barrie on 1 June 2005 02:04

I have been notified by the owner of a fellow Formula One racing site that he has put together a special version of F1GP including the full game patched to the 2004 season, a DOS emulator and a number of apropriate tools and addon utilities for the game. These are all packaged into an archive with an installation front-end, and is therefore very easy to install onto any Windows system. It is designed for use by novice users who do not want to get involved in the more technical nature of configuring the DOS emulator manually along with the game itself. I have personally tested this and had no problem with the initial installation and game running.

I feel I should however provide one warning for the benefit of the users on this site before anybody attempts to try this combinational package. Although the packaged game used does have a small number of bugs, they are mainly only minor and not worth significant consideration. However, there is one problem that is indeed extremely important and will affect the running of the game on some systems. Upon my attempt to run the game, I noticed that it played extremely poorly and was obviously defective in some way. After examining the problem, I noticed that the CPU cycles assigned to the DOS emulator was far larger than my processors was capable of handling, resulting in jerky gameplay and corrupted sound. I managed to adjust this by means of the DOS emulator speed controls, but the reason or method of achieving this would not be apparent to the novice user. Therefore, I believe this package is unlikely to prove useful for a fair number of computer users, particularly those with computers below 2 gigahertz in speed.

My thanks go to Florian Jesse for his work on this package. In addition, Florian has no desire to work any further on the package in the future. He has therefore offered to allow anybody else to continue and improve upon what he has done if they wish to do so. This is a generous offer, and I hope somebody in the community will be interested in doing this. If anybody is, would it be possible for them to contact me. I'll then provide starting details for those who want to work further on this project. It is my hope that the speed issue previously noted can be fixed and the other minor bugs with the package resolved. Then we'll have an easily installed F1GP package for both novice and experienced users to enjoy at will :)

The F1GP 2004 package can be found here hosted by www.grand-prix.4players.de. My thanks to them for storing this package.


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