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Bahrain Racing Circuit for F1GP
Downloads | Microprose F1GP | By Barrie on 21 May 2005 20:35

The first non-oval racing circuit with a full CC-Line has finally been produced. Mark Hampson (Larousse) and Klaus Six (KSix) have colluded to produce a representation of the Bahrain racing circuit. This is the closest attempt yet to produce a track with the quality of those contained in the original game. Although we are as yet a long way off reaching that level, the progression of the Chequered Flag editor means that we may not be far away from some major breakthroughs in the track editing area. My thanks to Mark and Klaus for the time spent creating this track for the community. If anybody has any comments regarding the new track, feel free to either leave them in the forum, or contact the authors directly. Mark has plans to produce a second racing circuit in the near future. I'm sure Mark will improve on the standard of the Bahrain circuit here, so we can look forward to at least one more quality track in the near future :) You can download the track here.

There is still one missing file in the F1GP/WC section of Simracingworld, the electronic copy of the German Quickstart Guide. If anybody has it, could they send it on me? Then I can repair the corrupt file that currently exists and we'll have a completely functional archive. Thanks to anybody who responds.


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