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Cross Racing Championship Q&A Posted
Game News | Cross Racing Championship | By Paul on 23 April 2005 22:15

Today we have posted an exclusive Q&A session with Invictus, the developers of Cross Racing Championship.

SRW: What is the "new real time physics module" and how does it work?

A. Every car has its own damage characteristics and weaknesses produced by its shape, mass, and physical structure. Some of the cars are pretty sensitive to their wheels, others may be almost indestructible.

Using vertex-based chassis and part deformation, every impact produces a unique result, as mesh deformation is calculated real-time based on the actual collision impulse vector. Damaged doors and hoods can flap and fall off, just like the bumpers, wheels or other parts.
Impacts on wheels can deform the geometry of the suspension, making the wheel wobble, get nipped or stuck, or pull the entire car to one side.
You can view the full Q&A session here.

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