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NASCAR SimRacing 2005 Review @ GameSpy
Reviews/Previews | NASCAR SimRacing 2005 | By Paul on 18 February 2005 23:13

GameSpy have posted a review of NASCAR SimRacing 2005 giving it 4/5:

While newbies can win races in NASCAR SimRacing, the game isn't exactly what you'd call newbie-friendly. Not only is the manual far too skimpy, but the game lacks pop-up tooltips and tutorials. Past NASCAR sims -- including ones by EA -- offered lessons from pro drivers, but not here. You might be thinking, "Why do you need a tutorial in a NASCAR game? You just hop in the car, mash the gas pedal, and keep turning left until you see the checkered flag." Well, that might be true for a shortened race on the game's easiest settings, but with the realism settings cranked up, there's a lot you need to learn: NASCAR rules, pitting procedures and strategies, not to mention how to keep a car under control at outrageous speeds in bumper-to-bumper traffic. If you want to race like the pros, prepare to drive your way through a banked learning curve.
You can read the full review here and don't forget to view our game profile.


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