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Community News | Microprose F1GP | By Barrie on 12 February 2005 20:44

Just my usual weekly F1GP community update. I didn't make one last week as there was not any significant developments made.

Chequered Flag is the chosen name for the new F1GP editor and Klaus and myself are now working towards development. Our open-source project page is now available here. Over the days and weeks to come, Klaus and I will continue to work on this project and hopefully make a worthwhile contribution to the community. Our priority is the track-editor and we will hopefully make good progress in this area given Klaus's impressive contributions to date. At the moment, we are both figuring out how to use our chosen IDE programming application and learning to use the CVS system used by Sourceforge. Then we'll be able to get started for real.

The 2005 'Season of champions' carset is still ongoing. There have been delays, mainly due to the simulations I attempted to run to work out the link between car BHP and driver skill. However, I am hopeful that John and myself will be able to get it out before the 2005 Formula One season begins.

If anybody in the community wants to help out, there are three ongoing areas in which we could use some help.

* Programmers for the construction of Chequered Flag. The development language is Java.

* Calculation of the link between Driver Skill and Car BHP in F1ED. This could help us determine the relative strength between all cars in a given season by using only these two values.

* Creation of tracks using Klaus's TrackEd program. It's fairly timeconsuming, but you could make history by being the first to make a proper new track for F1GP/WC. We could use all the new track we can get.

Any other contributions would of course be welcome.


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