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Live for Speed: S2 Developers Update
Game News | Live for Speed S2 | By Paul on 31 January 2005 23:26

Scawen, one of the developers for Live For Speed has posted a development update on their S2 version of the game. Although this update does not contain much news about the game itself, it lets us know what the developers have been up to.

Eric's work expanded in the same way as mine, the higher standards of the later tracks forcing him to see Blackwood as an embarrassment, and feeling it's important as it's the demo track, and not wanting to release a game with that in it. The effort has paid off well in my opinion and i guess we'll show you some screen shots soon. When S2 is out you will actually like to drive on Blackwood again, if you're sick of it now as i was. Also the old RB4 now looks very blocky and not up to the current standard, so that's another thing he'll be doing. Also there are various updates and fixes to the other tracks still needing to be done.
You can read the full update here. Don't forget to visit our Live For Speed game profile, and our forums.


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