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Substantial weekly update
Community News | Microprose F1GP | By Barrie on 27 January 2005 20:34

It's been an interesting week for the F1GP community. So I have plenty to talk about is this weekly update.

Firstly, John Pennington and I have been working on the 2005 'Season of Champions' carset. Progress has been good and in one to two weeks, we should be able to release it. The goal of the carset is to simulate the closest possible season by making assumptions based on the performance of the 2005 challengers by each team. The carset is therefore realistic, but idealist in terms of the competition we'll likely see in the 2005 season. Along this task, I have begun to examine the relation between the driver skill/car BHP to the actual speed we see in the game. I hope to work out an equation which will finally allow us to predict performance based on settings chosen for both the driver and the car.

There has been some very progress development in the track editing area. Klaus Six has sent me an editor which I believe is the most promising F1GP/WC track editor to date. With his permission, I have added some small documentation and uploaded it to this site. It can be found here. I believe this is a superb piece of work by Klaus, and also by Kristof Kaly-Kullai, the creator of the DOS track editor. Klaus based much of his track editor on the source code released by Kristof. My thanks go to both of them for furthering our attempts to produce a full track editor for F1GP.

I'm sure many of you are aware of my attempts to start up a F1GP/WC open-source track editor project to further this cause even more. To this end, I have had little success, but perhaps enough to guarantee the project will go ahead. Klaus has himself agreed to join forces, so now both myself and Klaus will work together to produce a new editor programmed in Java. I hope that we will develop more support as time goes on. Our goal is primarily to produce an open-source track editor, but we may also delve into other areas as well, such as background editors, track pictures, and maybe even areas covered by F1ED. It depends largely on the support we receive. The project will be placed publicly on the Sourceforge website with all code open to all. We would welcome any short or long term assistance from programmers who may have an interest in this area. I'll post the location of our homepage when we've had a chance to start a project on sourceforge.

For now, we're thinking of an apropriate name for a project. I've posted a thread about this in the forums. Any suggestions would be welcome.


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