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Colin Mcrae Rally 2005 Review @ GameSpy
Reviews/Previews | Colin McRae Rally 2005 | By Paul on 8 December 2004 00:07

GameSpy have posted a review of Colin Mcrae Rally 2005 giving it 4.5/5.0:

What ultimately makes the CMR series a boon for simulation enthusiasts and rally racing fans is its unsentimental driving model. Forget anti-gravity leaps and forgiving limp-inertia turns -- when a car tops a jump in CMR 2005, the sense of metal and rubber flung into free-fall is utterly tangible, and the walloping "thunk" the suspension makes on ground contact reverberates from your ears to your fingers. It's tightly integrated physics and sound design, and CMR 2005 has it in spades. This is one extremely fine-looking and sounding game, and while you'll need a higher end video card to crank the detail and anti-aliasing up, how sweet it is to be whipping through the Australian outback with sunlight glinting off glass as red-tinged dust gradually films over your high-gloss paint job.
You can read the full review here and don't forget to view our game profile.


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