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Richard Burns Rally Interview at Soundblaster.com
Game News | Richard Burns Rally | By Paul on 30 October 2004 21:27

Soundblaster.com have posted an interview with Richard Burns Rally's Che Lalic, about the game's audio capabilities.

Pulling off a perfect Scandinavian flick, followed by a neat handbrake turn, we screeched to a halt outside the Warthog Sweden development studios in Helsingborg, Sweden. Inside, we found audio programmer Che Lalic, all revved up to tell us everything we wanted to know about the soundtrack to the most realistic Rallying simulation to date; Richard Burns Rally!
You can read the full Q&A here.

Don't forget to check out our Richard Burns Rally game profile.


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Luckily, Far Cry being a FPS, the player has litlte control over the camera. Its assumed to be aligned to the character's rotation. So, I just added a buffer zone out of the camera's FOV. The emitters would spawn in there and hopefully, by the time they came into the field of view as the player rotated, they had already been spawned and were ready.It was not perfect. In Far Cry 2, if you face away from an important fire and you quickly do a 180 degrees to look directly at it, you might see emitters popping back in place and being suddenly reactivated – Sally 05-Oct-2013
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