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Xpand Rally Beta Tests Underway
Game News | Xpand Rally | By Paul on 15 March 2004 22:19

Techland, the developers of Xpand Rally have announced that beta testing for the game will begin shortly.

2000 people will be chosen from among all applications and they will receive the Beta version of the game. Beta testers will be also granted the access to Techland's bug reporting system and a special discussion board where they will have the opportunity to directly contact the members of the development team.
You can register on the official website at XpandRally.com.

Don't forget to visit our Xpand Rally profile, or our forums.


Cool little tool. I know for my older games I still have the CD lying arnoud but the box and manual are nowhere to be found. Could definitely come in handy. – Joseagostinho 05-Jul-2013
I was spamming and got the same sercen as you did. Seeing I had my old email (never used it more than once), I resorted to that and it was all sorted out Seeing so many people got the problem, I'm starting to think I got the lucky end of the stick! That's a shitload of people. I hope your email is sorted out soon. Seeing so many people got the problem, maybe start considering creating a new permanent email address? I thought long and hard about it myself until it worked out like it did.Anyway, if I can be of help just send a shout. – Tasmeet 03-Jul-2013
That's not just logic. That's really sesibnle. – Bones 02-Jul-2013
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