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Xpand Rally New Feature Explained & Movie
Game News | Xpand Rally | By Paul on 8 March 2004 22:37

Techland have explained a new feature in Xpand Rally, dynamic environments.

Dynamic and fully interactive track environment in Xpand Rally has been achieved by global physics simulation of all game's objects. Physics in Xpand Rally is based on rigid body simulator named Open Dynamics Engine - a complex solution for dynamics simulation created by Russell Smith - the author of the MathEngine system that has been used for physics in many games. During the development of physics simulation for Xpand Rally, ODE has been largely modified and underwent heavy optimizations. It enabled the simulation of physics of bodies of all shapes and connected with one another and with the environment by any ways. All objects joints are fully configurable which allows for independent setting of parameters such as: number of degrees of freedom, friction coefficients, hardness, maximum speed and more.
You can read more by clicking here. You can also view an in-game movie showcasing these effects from here.


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