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Terminal Damage Engine to be used in TOCA Race Driver 2
Game News | TOCA Race Driver 2 | By Paul on 11 February 2004 11:24

Codemasters have let us know that a new engine called the "terminal damage engine" will be used in TOCA Race Driver 2 for the first time.

Extraordinarily detailed, TOCA Race Driver 2's Terminal Damage Engine is the most realistic damage engine ever created for a racing game and affects the performance of each of the different 35 in-game cars. Windows smash, doors can be ripped open, and a head-on collision can end your race. And there are no fake 'resets' to miraculously restart you back on your way; you'll have to do the race all over again.
You can read more about this here, and don't forget to check out our TOCA Race Driver 2 profile, where you will find even more information, including screenshots.


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