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Crashday Delayed Until Q2 2004
Game News | Crashday | By Paul on 8 January 2004 22:16

Today, Moon Byte studios issued a press release stating that Crashday will now be delayed until Q2 2004 (April onwards) at the earliest. Here is what they had to say:

2004 year is going to be an important year for the Crashday fans and for us at Moon Byte as well since works on Crashday will finally come to an end.

As there have been wrong information, rumors and misunderstandings around lately concerning the game's development we want to start the new year with some clear statements regarding those issues.

Crashday is not yet near release at all, it is still heavily in development.

Anyone who followed the development since our early days might know that Moon Byte has always been a very small development team and up to now it still is. That actually is the reason why all previous release dates given have always been rejected again. It has been impossible to afford the manpower required to finish a title like Crashday in that time constraints (set up by ourselves).

As you maybe already expected, Crashday will be shifted again, to the second quarter of 2004 and we seriously apologize for it.
However Moon Byte will very soon increase its team size essentially and with strengthened power it will be a much faster and intensified development. There will soon be jobs applications available, check out our jobs page if you are interested in working for us.

Another concluding note concerning publishers:
There is still no publisher for Crashday meaning not that we are incapable in finding one. Indeed several publishers are interested in the title but the team is still working on an preview version for presentation issues.

We like to thank you all in advance for your further support in 2004!
Don't forget to post your comments on our forums, and to visit our Crashday game profile for more on this game.


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