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Sick bag required!
Game News | By Paul on 23 March 2001 19:40 | Source: High Gear

I read this over at High Gear that, Chris West, from West Racing, has posted a little update on the bump modelling of World Sports Cars on their WSC Forum:

Ok update on the smooth road situation. WSC now has 2 systems to handle the roads, a spline/patch based system to handle smooth changes in the road surface, and the normal polygon system, we can use either system at any time around the track. You are right about most race games being dead smooth when they use a spline system to describe the road. We have a system though that allows us to model bumps and high frequency undualations in the spline system, and if that doesn't do it, we can use the poly system.

I drove Monza the other day with the all new super duper physics model and the track was very bumpy. Too bumpy infact, so we should be ok on bumps. Pass the sick bag please.

Well, there you go! If you'd like to post your comments on WSC, please visit our forums by clicking here.


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