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Project Gotham Racing (PGR) is a racing game, the first in its series, developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox gaming console, and released on 9th November 2001 in North America, and 14th March 2002 in Europe.

The first title in the franchise, Project Gotham Racing, is an Xbox launch title that quickly became the second best-selling game for the console after . PGR is a spiritual successor to the Dreamcast game Metropolis Street Racer. PGR is as of July 12, 2007 compatible with the Xbox 360 through a downloadable update.


PGR differs from most racing games in that winning a race does not necessarily mean the player advances to the next round; instead advancement in PGR requires both driving fast enough to meet the challenge set, and scoring enough Kudos points to advance. Kudos points are gained through the player's driving skills, such as power sliding around a corner at speed, or overtaking other NPCs in the race.


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has described Project Gotham as his favourite video game.p2pnet news » Blog Archive » Bill Gates - Microsoft recruiter

Because of the success of the Project Gotham Racing" series, Guinness World Records awarded the series six world records in the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008. These records include, "Most Complex Car Models in a Racing Game", "Largest Licensed Soundtrack Included in a Racing Game", and "Most Complex Race Environment" for the New York City area of PGR3. The Brooklyn Bridge alone is made up from over one million polygons.

Race tracks

There are four cities in total and each of them is split into 3 districts, they are:

  • London

  • *Trafalgar

  • *St. James's Park

  • *Westminster

  • New York City

  • *Central Park

  • *Wall Street

  • *Times Square

  • San Francisco

  • *Fisherman's Wharf

  • *Financial District

  • *Pacific Heights

  • Tokyo

  • *Asakusa

  • *Shibuya

  • *Shinjuku


    The game features many songs that were back in 2001 the latest music.

    Featured artists:

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  • Akiki Kabashima

  • Alien Crime Syndicate

  • Bathgate

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

  • Chevelle

  • colour variation

  • David Lee Roth

  • DLR Band

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  • Doves

  • Eve 6

  • Foojin

  • Gearwhore

  • Good Charlotte

  • Gorillaz

  • Groovenics

  • Handsome Devil

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  • Heather Duby

  • Iggy Pop

  • Injected

  • Inner Core

  • Junior Sanchez

  • Kittie

  • Kuo Hirota

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  • L.A. Symphony

  • Looper

  • Love As Laughter

  • Love Seed Mama Jump

  • Moth

  • Murder City Devils

  • Nebula

  • Photek

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  • Pigeon John

  • Polecat

  • PYT

  • Q-Burns

  • Saeko Kai

  • Saliva

  • Scapegoat Wax

  • Shusei Mural

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  • Shuvel

  • Sir Mix-A-Lot

  • Skrape

  • Smile Street Featuring MICA

  • Souljahz

  • Spacehog

  • Stereo MCs

  • Switched

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  • The Chemical Brothers

  • The Makers

  • The Yo-Yos

  • The Black Halos

  • Timbaland & Magoo

  • Trembling Blue Stars

  • Zen Guerrilla


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