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Richard Burns Rally was due to be the first game in a long-term agreement with Richard Burns the WRC Rally Driver to create games based around his name. Sadly due to Richard's tragic death in 2005 it was the only game to bear his name. The original publisher was also bought out several times over.

Richard Burns Rally is generally considered to have the best ever physics in a Rally game and enjoys a healthy selected of mods and downloads. The game simulates both modern and classic rally racing around a variety of official stages from the FIA World Rally Championship series.

Genre: Rally / Off Road

Publisher: SCi
Developer: Warthog Sweden
Official Site: http://www.richardburnsrally.com

Platform Release Date
PC    PC
3 September 2004
Playstation 2    Playstation 2
2 July 2004
SteamOS    SteamOS
Not Released
Xbox    Xbox
2 July 2004


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


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Press Reviews: 7.1 (14 reviews)
User Reviews: 5.8 (5,227 votes)

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Press Releases
   SCi To Release First Game In Richard-Burns Rally Series (31-Oct-2003)
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