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Simraceway is a free-to-play online racing game based on ISI's gMotor 2 engine (currently in open beta mode), which offers an extensive list of licensed cars and tracks. Players signing up to the game are offered a number of free cars and tracks, and can choose to purchase many more - currently there are 95 licensed vehicles and over 20 tracks.

Racers can play alone, on-demand multiplayer, time-trials, or even full-blown championship events. The multiplayer mode includes a clever "skill matching" system which aims to pitch you against a driver of similar ability based on your previous results. SimRaceWay also offer the opportunity to win instant cash prizes for several events too.

Furthermore, the game has had input from well-known racing stars including Allan Mcnish and Dario Franchitti, and you can even purchase a Simraceway SRW-1 steering wheel which has been co-developed with SteelSeries.

Genre: Simulation

Publisher: Ignite Game Technologies
Developer: Ignite Game Technologies
Official Site: http://blog.simraceway.com/

Platform Release Date
PC    PC
SteamOS    SteamOS
Not Released


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User Reviews: 7.7 (180 votes)

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