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Aliases: GT5

Gran Turismo 5 is currently being developed by Polyphony Digital. For the first time in a Gran Turismo game it will feature weather changes, day and night racing, and damage (albeit not on all cars). Other features included will be online mode with 16 player capability, PSP connectivity, night races, and fully licensed WRC and NASCAR vehicles.

The game also features over 950 cars, and 20 tracks including the Top Gear test track, Suzuka, Fuji, Datona, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Nordschleife amongst many more. It is rumoured that the game will ship on three Blu-Ray discs!

On February 5th, 2010 it was confirmed that despite previous reports, the game will not include any Indycars.

Genre: Arcade (Track)

Publisher: Sony
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Official Site: http://www.gran-turismo.com/

Platform Release Date
Playstation 3    Playstation 3
24 November 2010
SteamOS    SteamOS
Not Released


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