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NASCAR 07 is the tenth installment of the EA Sports' NASCAR video game series. It was developed by EA Tiburon and released on September 6, 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PlayStation Portable.

The NTSC game cover features Elliott Sadler, driver of the #38 M&M's Ford Fusion. The PAL region game cover features Matt Kenseth's #17 DeWalt Power Tools Ford Fusion. This game is the first since NASCAR 2001 not to include a subtitle in the name. The game retains the teammate features introduced in NASCAR 06: Total Team Control, but does not add any major gameplay changes. However, the graphics include a blurring effect to attempt to give a better sense of high speed, and the pace of the gameplay has been sped up considerably. This is also the second EA Sports NASCAR video game to appear on a handheld system (first NASCAR 2000 for Game Boy Color). On the PlayStation Portable, the game is simply called NASCAR.

The NEXTEL Cup Series and National Series (Busch Series) driver roster is the same as the roster at the beginning of the 2006 Season. This creates a few major differences. Kevin Harvick drove the #29 Hershey's Kissables Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS at the Busch Series opener in Daytona while Jeff Burton drove the #21 United States Coast Guard Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. Harvick drove the #21 car for the remainder of the season (aside from a few select races) and went on to win the 2006 Busch Series Championship. Also, in mid-August, Elliott Sadler left the #38 and replaced Jeremy Mayfield in the #19 Dodge Dealers / UAW Dodge Charger. One major difference is that there are not as many paint schemes as in years before. In fact, there are only thirteen special paint schemes available for NEXTEL Cup drivers, and other than Greg Biffle's National Guard / Jackson Hewitt scheme, all paint schemes consisted of being driven more than a couple of times in the actual 2006 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Season.

PlayStation 2 & Xbox

  • The game features songs by Breaking Benjamin , Shooter Jennings , James Otto , and more.

  • The game now includes a "Adrenaline Meter" which, when full, helps to improve handling and increase speed.

  • The drivers are rated with ranks ranging from rookie to veteran, and each class has different attributes and tendencies on the track.

  • The player has the option to go "double or nothing" by wagering Skill Points against "real-world" drivers.

  • The player can earn better contracts in Fight to the Top mode by completing Allstate Qualifiers. For an average rating of less than bronze, the player will receive a contract offer in the Whelen Modified Tour. For an average rating of bronze, the player will receive a contract offer in the Craftsman Truck Series. For an average rating of silver, the player will receive a contract offer in the Busch Series. For an average rating of gold, the player will receive a contract offer in the NEXTEL Cup Series. The cars in the top three series are all owned by Kenny Wallace, #126 (a play on the #36 that Wallace uses in dirt racing), and sponsored by the Richard Petty Driving Experience (the sponsor of the car used in Allstate Qualifiers). This feature is retained in all future EA NASCAR series games (except NASCAR Kart Racing).

    PlayStation Portable

  • Instant Rewind

  • Improved Fight to the Top Mode

  • Season Mode

  • Dodge Challengers

  • NASCAR SpeedZone

  • Driver Ratings

  • Wireless Play

    Backward compatibility

    20GB/60GB PlayStation 3

    The PlayStation 2 version of this title has errors when played on the 20GB or 60GB PlayStation 3. During network gameplay, with one PlayStation 3 user hosting the game, and two others as clients, the host is randomly disconnected, and is unable to reconnect. But the game is rated highly by game sites such as IGN, and others.

    80GB PlayStation 3

    The PlayStation 2 version of this title has errors when played on the 80GB PlayStation 3. At a random point during network gameplay, the title performs out of sync from other users.

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  • NASCAR 07 Official Website

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