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Monster Truck Madness (abbreviated as MTM or MTM1, codenamed Metal Crush, pre-release name: Heavy Metal Truckhttp://forum.mtm2.com/viewtopic.php?t=4793 MTMG Forum - Heavy Metal Truck) is a monster truck racing PC game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft, in 1996. A racing game, Monster Truck Madness allows players to select a truck and compete with AI players in one of four modes - Drag, Circuit, Rally and Tournament. It is also possible for human players to race against one another via DirectPlay.

Game details

Voice acting

Throughout the game, commentary is provided by "Army" Armstrong, purportedly the Murray Walker of the monster trucking world. Of note is the modular way in which race calls are structured, such as Grave Digger / is doin' it / in the air!


MTM communities are now largely inactive. However, the game enjoyed significant popularity among casual gamers in the late 90s, and its success was largely carried through into the 21st century. Sources indicate that the game's popularity reached its peak during 1999; in this year, 776 custom tracks were submitted to the unofficial fan site MTM2.COM, compared to 456 tracks in 1998 and 464 tracks in 2000. Popular activities within MTM communities include the making of custom tracks and trucks, and the organization and running of MTM Racing tournaments.


A sequel to the original and released in 1998, Monster Truck Madness 2 (abbreviated as MTM2, codenamed Metal Crush 2) offers improved graphics, an updated interface, new trucks and tracks and the addition of variable weather conditions. However, the game engine is essentially the same as that utilized in the original game. A testament to their similarity is the fact that most custom trucks and tracks are compatible with both games.

Available trucks

  • Bearfoot

  • Bigfoot

  • Boogey Van

  • Carolina Crusher

  • Grave Digger

  • Monster Patrol

  • Overkill

  • Power Wheels Bigfoot

  • Rampage

  • Samson

  • Snake Bite

  • The Patriot (beta only)

  • Wildfoot


  • B.C. Place

  • Indiana State Fairgrounds

  • RCA Dome

  • Tacoma Dome

  • Trans World Dome


  • A Crazy Eight

  • Canyon Adventure

  • Mud Pies

  • Round and Round

  • Winding Way

  • A Crazyer eight (addon track)

  • King of the Hill (addon track)

  • Sierra Logging Run (addon track)


  • Arizona

  • Highlands Rally

  • Yucatan Adventure

  • Snowy Canyon (addon track)


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