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GT Legends is a sports car racing simulator developed by Simbin for the PC. It is based on the 2005 FIA Historic Racing Championships

for GTC and TC cars of the 1960s and 1970s. This is a modern-day championship for historic cars, and so the circuit designs in GT Legends are those of the modern era, contrasting with games such as Grand Prix Legends which are actually set in historic times.

GT Legends has the same graphics engine as rFactor (developed by Image Space Incorporated), a similar physics engine but different multiplayer code. In the press, it was highly praised for its exceptionally good quality sounds and realism.


Unlike most Simbin games, GT Legends has a career mode. Basically, you need to win a series of races in order to unlock cars, tracks and more championships. The championships in the game is subdivided into the 60s and 70s, and in those years are separated into Touring Cars and Grand Touring Cars category. In addition to this, GT Legends also have 5 different levels of difficulty, ranging from beginner to professional mode. The harder your level of difficulty is selected, the more winning points you will earn at the conclusion of each championships. Even though the duration of races and/or the quantity of tracks may be different, the amount of winning is always the same throughout the career.


In addition to the following officially released tracks, the game supports many add-on tracks provided by the sim racing community.

  • Anderstorp GP,

  • Anderstorp North,

  • Anderstorp South,

  • Dijon-Prenois GP,

  • Dijon-Prenois Short,

  • Donington GP,

  • Donington National,

  • Hockenheim GP,

  • Hockenheim National,

  • Hockenheim Short,

  • Imola,

  • Magny-Cours Club,

  • Magny-Cours GP,

  • Magny-Cours National,

  • Mondello Park Intermediate,

  • Mondello Park International,

  • Mondello Park National,

  • Mondello Park Short,

  • Monza GP,

  • Monza Junior,

  • Nürburgring GP,

  • Nürburgring Müllenbach,

  • Nürburgring Sprint,

  • Spa-Francorchamps GP,

  • Zolder


    GT Legends also adds repeats of most of these cars, only changing the liveries to get 90-odd cars.

  • Abarth 1000TC,

  • AC Cobra,

  • Alfa Romeo GTA,

  • Austin-Healey 3000,

  • Austin Mini Cooper S,

  • BMW CSL,

  • Chevrolet Corvette,

  • De Tomaso Pantera,

  • Ferrari 275 GTB/C,

  • Ford Capri RS,

  • Ford Escort RS,

  • Ford Falcon,

  • Ford GT40,

  • Ford Mustang,

  • Jaguar E-Type,

  • Jaguar MK 2,

  • Lotus Cortina,

  • Lotus Elan 26R,

  • Lotus Elite,

  • Mercedes 300SL,

  • Porsche 906,

  • Porsche 911RSR,

  • Porsche 914-6,

  • Renault Alpine A110,

  • Shelby Daytona Coupe,

  • Shelby GT350,

  • TVR Griffith 400


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