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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City -- It's the mid-1980s and Tommy Vercetti has just gotten out of jail. He's gone to Vice City for a new job but he's been set up. Now everyone in the city wants a piece of him -- mobsters, bikers, crooked politicians, everyone. Tommy's only hope is to take them all out and run the city himself. Return to the decade of big hair and pastel suits as you explore the massive urban sprawl of Vice City:

  • Gorgeous graphics and a much larger game world -- reflective surfaces, realistic shadows and buildings you can enter
  • Multilevel gaming environments and more challenging missions in the great non-linear GTA style
  • Gangs are much more intelligent in this game, and so are pedestrians - don't worry, you've got all-new moves and weapons to face them with
  • There's also a much wider selection vehicles -- boats, motorcycles and more
  • New camera angles like the "over-the-shoulder" view
  • Infinite delights and degradations to choose from, as you fight to take over Vice City!

    Genre: Arcade (Street)

    Publisher: Rockstar Games
    Developer: Rockstar North
    Official Site: http://www.rockstargames.com/vicecity/

    Platform Release Date
    PC    PC
    16 May 2003
    Playstation 2    Playstation 2
    27 October 2002
    SteamOS    SteamOS
    Not Released
    Xbox    Xbox
    11 April 2003


    Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

    Average Ratings

    Press Reviews: 9.5 (15 reviews)
    User Reviews: 5.9 (3,775 votes)

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    Minimum PC Specs

    • Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2K/XP
    • Processor: 800MHz P3/Althlon
    • Memory: 128Mb RAM
    • Video: 32Mb Video RAM

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       Rockstar Games Ships GTA: Vice City PC (16-May-2003)

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