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The Group C Sportscar Challenge Mod for NASCAR Heat features some of the most awesome sportscars ever: GT/GroupC sportscar prototypes from the turbo era in the second half of the 80's. These cars were unbelievably fast groundeffect cars, able to go extremly high cornering speeds.

Group C/GTP cars were dominating most sportscar racing series and have been the most powerful cars apart from F1 in 1982-1990. On the climax of success, in 1987-1990, Group C and GTP races were highly competitive events, fought out by many different manufactorer's cars.

The era of these cars was ended by FIA when Group C races began to attract more manufactorers and spectators than F1. A change of rule led to development of some of the strangest alien-like racecars ever in 91/92 and to the definite end of Group C/GTP in 1992.



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