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Red Bull
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Thunder Cars mod for GPL is an open wheeled series with early 70's feel. All cars use a 426cu V8, slick tyres and wings.

This is not a representation of F1, we see the mod as a fictional early "CART" type series as these cars work well at ovals and road tracks alike. Although never built we have tried to keep the spec of the cars realistic for the period so they could have been built if someone was mad enough.

Requires Gem+/Igor.

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Simply stunning. Beats GP4, Nascar 2003, FIA GTR and GTR Legends. Graphically excellent when patched with the latest files available free on the net, superior to FIA GTR and Legends. Easy controller setup. If you have got good ant GPL then this adds another dimension. 0-125 in about 5 secs as far as I cab tell and 230 mph at Spa. Fab engine sounds.Download this and have a ball. – Peter ,Billericay 27-Oct-2005  Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5
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