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A DOS utility, which makes it possible to edit the track or pitlane layout, the commands, the CC-line segments and the header of an existing track file. Includes C source code.

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Filename: tracked_1_0_beta.zip
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Author: Kristof Kaly-Kullai

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Last Updated: 1 October 2002

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VERY GOOD GP1 track editor.
I used to edit and update some original GP1 tracks.
Useful for: inserting objects, changing the circuit layout, editing the cc lines, and setting the cc cars brake aggressiveness.
You can also consider to use the GP2 track editor by Paul Hoad for the initial overall track layout editing (it can open and edit all F1GP tracks also!). – Anonymous 20-Apr-2016  Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4Rating: 4
After a learning period, with this tool I was able to make several new circuits, using also the GP2 track editor to edit the general track layout. – Anonymous 02-May-2012  Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5
The user interface for this app uses the following keys:

Home -> previous data item
End -> next data item
PgUp -> segment data line up
PgDn -> segment data line down
Arrow Up -> scroll up
Arrow Down -> scroll down
Arrow Left -> scroll left
Arrow Right -> scroll right
Alt+D -> delete item
Alt+N -> new item
Alt+O -> open file
Alt+X -> exit
Alt+S -> save file
BackSpace -> previous databox
Tab -> next databox
Enter -> refresh
"*" -> zoom in
"/" -> zoom out
"+" -> increase data
"-" -> decrease data
"1" -> big increase data
"0" -> big decrease data

(Note: extracted from the source files) – Hyperion 27-Jun-2004  Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5Rating: 5
Hmm... this tool is almost imposible to use - it took me about 10 mins to work out how to open a file. Making a track with this thing must take years & years - the interface is terrible. Nice to have a track editor but in DOS? – Andrew Hook 01-Oct-2002  Rating: 2Rating: 2Rating: 2Rating: 2Rating: 2
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