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06-Apr-2003 / www.f1gprl.host.sk / 1,978 DLs / 187.0 KB
135 Car setups for Grand Prix 3.
23-Oct-2001 / Thomas Stuhrmann / 6,245 DLs / 22.0 KB
This is a single-car-setup for both the qualifying and race for the German grand-prix at Hockenheim.
29-Jul-2001 / Peter Siemeling / 1,900 DLs / -
77 car setups for all the tracks in the 1998 season, as well as later seasons and tracks found across the internet.
24-Jul-2001 / Thomas Stuhrmann / 3,268 DLs / 14.0 KB
A single car setup for the British Grand Prix. According to the author it is possible to achieve times of 1:22.XXX and under.
17-Jul-2001 / Peter Siemeling / 1,502 DLs / -
55 Car-Setups for all of the tracks in the original game, as well as many other tracks available across the internet.
06-May-2001 / Thomas Stuhrmann / 5,069 DLs / 41.0 KB
These are Montreal (Canada) car setups. Included in this pack are wet and dry setups, both for the qualifying and the race. The GP3form.txt contains some useful information as well. These setups are recommended.
25-Mar-2001 / Riccardo Turla / 2,380 DLs / 2.0 KB
These are 2 Brazil set-ups for the version 1.13 set-ups lower down this page. In this zip there are race and qualifying set-ups.
05-Mar-2001 / Ian Bell / 2,261 DLs / -
In this set-up pack there are setups for all of the tracks in Grand Prix 3, including both qualifying and race set-ups. According to Ian, they are designed for use with a racing-wheel and no driver aids. Please note - these set-ups are for version 1.13 of the game, and the better Brazil set-up is on this page.
05-Mar-2001 / Ian Bell / 5,322 DLs / 33.0 KB
This is Monaco setup pack by Riccardo Turla who has gained quite a good reputation for his setups.
Riccardo claims that most people can win with this setup and gain times of under 1:19 in qualifying.

This pack contains wet and dry qualifying and race setups. Recommended.
10-Jan-2001 / Riccardo Turla / 3,992 DLs / 2.0 KB
Car setups for all the v1.13 tracks of Grand Prix 3. Recommended because it contains setups for extra tracks that arn't originally in Grand Prix 3 (i.e. the ones on the tracks page). I've not tested them yet, but i'd still recommend it.
23-Dec-2000 / Thomas Stuhrmann / 14,007 DLs / 7.0 KB
Barcelona setups. Contains wet, dry, qualifying and race. Also contains demonstration hotlap.
In this file the gp3form.txt contains a guide on how to make setups, and how this setup was made. Recommended download.
23-Dec-2000 / Riccardo Turla / 2,774 DLs / 35.0 KB
Car-Setups for Imola, both qualifying and 100% race are included in the file (wet & dry). Recommended.
12-Nov-2000 / Riccardo Turla / 2,650 DLs / 29.0 KB
A Selection of 3-lap qualifying setups.
22-Oct-2000 / Thomas Stuhrmann / 1,266 DLs / 3.0 KB
Car-Setups for Argentina, both qualifying and 100% race are included in the file. Also includes a demonstration hotlap.
22-Oct-2000 / Riccardo Turla / 1,838 DLs / 27.0 KB
Car-Setups for Melbourne, both qualifying and 100% race are included in the file. Also includes a demonstration hotlap.
11-Oct-2000 / Riccardo Turla / 3,011 DLs / 29.0 KB
Car-Setups for Interlagos, both qualifying and 100% race are included in the file. Also includes a demonstration hotlap.
11-Oct-2000 / Riccardo Turla / 2,018 DLs / 30.0 KB
Car setup for a dry Silverstone.
03-Sep-2000 / James Morris / 1,134 DLs / 1.0 KB
Setups for all tracks, in both wet & dry.
03-Sep-2000 / Luca Gallimberti / 16,532 DLs / 5.0 KB
Setup for Australia.
21-Aug-2000 / Marko Pervanja / 1,015 DLs / 1.0 KB
Setup for Hockenheim
05-Aug-2000 / Richard Dickson / 1,440 DLs / -

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